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Finicky Cards

Finicky Cards

Hand crafted, custom designed cards for all occasions.

Finicky Photography

To ensure your moments will be captured the way you want them to be remembered, every time.


Still #learning, #exercising and #enjoying #life... then, AinMadAtU

 (I Ain't Mad At You)! ~AMAU~

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5618 Southwest 29th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66614, United States

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About Finicky

About Me

My husband dubbed me with the nickname “Finicky” because of my desire to have things just right, every time.

My Vision

My desire as a photographer is to capture and reflect through photography, the essence of each moment.

My Family

My interests in life include learning, traveling, fun, music and genuine friendships.

The essentials in my life are...

Family -- to whom I share my love and

Praying -- the source by which I am afforded the strength, courage and capacity to love.

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